Musicians! Use social media wisely

What makes the world go round? Social Media! If you want to be on the same level as all others artists, you need to be active on all the SM sites and use it as a music promotion tool. Here’s what most artists are doing wrong though:

1) You don’t post enough: You Facebook page needs a lot of traffic, and regular posting does make a huge difference regarding music promo. It keeps people reminded that you exist, and they remain interested in what you’re doing. It gives people a place to go to find out more about you, and reminds them that they can always go to the main source for more info.

2) You post too often: You can’t just share the same thing constantly. And don’t post hourly. Also don’t just post the same thing on all your social media, take your time and appropriately tailor each post. Sometimes by trying too hard you will lose more followers than gain.

3) You photos suck: If you have a phone made in this decade, good lighting and a worth-sharing scenery, it’s not hard to take a good pic. Especially if you’re on Instagram, your fuzzy photo will definitely not fit in with you fan’s feed and so people will unfollow.

4) You’re not tagging nor hash-tagging: Tagging other people (especially famous people, venues or sponsors) is going to help you make the information travel and spread out. Hash-tagging will get your content across to people who have never even heard of you. It increases the exposure of your content and forces you to think creatively.

5) You post at the wrong time: For Twitter the best time is 12-3pm M-F, 5-6 W, for Facebook 12-1pm SS, 3-4pm W, 1-4 Th, F, and for Instagram M-Th except 3-4pm, video clips 9pm-8am. Also take you fan’s location into account.

6) You think your Social Media accounts are for advertising: It’s more about connecting with your audience more than music advertising. Share more interesting personal information and pictures, so your fans get to like you too (as well as your music). And when they like you , your fans will most likely support you more and do the music PR and advertising themselves by sharing and talking about you. Also don’t only talk about yourself in the posts. Talk about your fans, talk about venues, talk about other musicians.